Rental Policy 

All rentals are based on a 72 hour time period unless otherwise agreed upon.

  • This allows one day prior to the event to set up, the day of the event, and the following day to return all linens.
  • If the product is required for more time or is not returned within the specified time extra charges apply.

A non refundable 50% retainer fee must be made at the time of a confirmed booking to hold the date of your event.

  • This retainer fee will be credited towards your order.
  • The remaining balance must be paid in full at the time of pick up. Payments may be in the form of cash, cheque or email money transfer.
  • This covers the cost that High Style Rentals incurs for turning away potential customers on such specified dates.

Except for reasonable rental usage all items must be returned in their normal condition.

A damage deposit of 25% of your total order ($100.00 minimum) is required in cheque form and will be held until all linens are returned to High Style Rentals and a proper inspection has been done on them to ensure that everything is being returned in the fashion that it was given to you.

  • In the event that all linens have been properly cared for and returned In the same condition they were recieved the 25% cheque will then be either returned to you or shredded by High Style Rentals.
  • In the event that some linens have been damaged, lost, stolen or altered the 25% cheque will be deposited and not returned in order to cover the cost of damages.

We are able to remove most stains, however for each item returned with tears, burns or stains that may be damaged beyond repair the customer will be charged for such incidents.

Under no circumstances may the renter launder our linens. All laundry services must be done by High Style Rentals. 

A change of date request must be made a minimum of 6 weeks prior to an event. A change of date is based on availability and may require different linen rentals as they may be previously rented for such date.